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EXCLUSIVE: Jennifer Hudson on Her TV Debut and Dreams of Broadway

"Broadway is definitely a dream of mine," says the singer and actress. 
Jennifer Hudson dreams of making a turn on the Great White Way. But since there are no plans for a theater run just yet, the singer and actress is getting as close as she can to Broadway by starring in the upcoming season of NBC’s Smash.

Hudson will have several guest appearances as a Tony-nominated actress named Veronica Moore who influences the lives of the show’s two main characters. “You will see me in whole ‘nother light on the small screen,” she told ESSENCE.com while promoting her new QVC clothing, launching in September.

“I will be singing, dancing and acting too. Lord help me,” she joked.

“Broadway is definitely a dream of mine,” Hudson continued. “This is a good way to get into that world.”  

Though she will be in her comfort zone — singing and acting — Hudson admits to feeling nervous about her first role on the small screen. “It is very intimidating. It’s not easy playing a Broadway star.”
Smash, which returns for second season early next year, is currently filming in New York City.