Arsenio Hall will make his triumphant return to the late night TV circuit in the fall of 2013. Hall’s reemergence on the small screen comes 17 years after the success of his now iconic ’90s talk show, The Arsenio Hall Show.

The comedian tells that he’s planning to make big headlines when the show premieres next year, thanks to a little help from a pint-sized guest. “I want Beyoncé’s baby the first night,” he told while co-hosting Ne-Yo’s Compound Foundation charity event honoring filmmaker George Lucas in the Hamptons this past weekend.

Hall, 57, said there’s a whole new generation of stars he’d love to interview. Even his old Hollywood pals, who didn’t have the opportunity to appear on his first show, will get their time to shine this time around when the show airs on CBS.

“Since I’ve been gone 17 years, there’s a generation of kids who didn’t get on the first show,” he said. “I mean I have friends like Usher and Ne-Yo who didn’t get to do it. So, I’m coming back for them. I’m coming back for everybody. And like I said, the first night I’m getting Beyoncé’s baby!”

As for his iconic dog bark, Hall is unsure if it will make an appearance this time around. CBS asked the same question. “I was like, ‘Well, I can change it to another animal noise or something,’ but I got a feeling when I walk out people will decide.”

Who do you think is worthy enough to be Arsenio Hall’s first guest? Share your thoughts below.

Reporting by Lathleen Ade-Brown