Ex-FAMU Band Member Convicted Of Manslaughter, Felony Hazing
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The Florida A&M band member accused of being the ringleader during a brutal hazing ritual that killed a drum major in 2011 has been convicted of felony hazing and manslaughter, reports The Orlando Sentinel.

A Florida jury found former marching band member Dante Martin, 27, guilty for his role in the death of drum major Robert Champion. Martin was known as “the president of Bus C” at the time Champion was killed “Crossing Bus C,” which is a hazing ritual in which fellow band members had to make their way from the front of the bus to the back by going through a pounding gauntlet of fists, drumsticks and mallets. After participating in the ritual, Champion complained of having trouble breathing and collapsed and died in the parking lot.

Originally, 15 band members were charged for their roles in the incident surrounding Champion’s death.
Martin will be sentenced on January 9 and faces up to 15 years in prison for the manslaughter charge.

Most of the other members have had their cases resolved in some manner already, reports NPR. Not all members were determined to have played a major role in the ritual. Several others have pleaded guilty to lesser charges, and three others await trial.