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Everything Small Businesses Need To Know About The CARES Act

Small Business Roundtable Executive Director John Standford joins ESSENCE and the U.S. Black Chambers to tell us all about the CARES Act.

The passing of the CARES Act provides a gateway for many small businesses to have the opportunity to sustain themselves as the country continues to navigate through the international COVID-19 pandemic.

With Black-owned small businesses among some of the hardest hit, staying accurately informed about how this act can help provide capital, resources and overall support is crucial for the owners of these businesses.

During our first-ever CARES Act virtual session in partnership with the U.S. Black Chambers, PRISM Group Managing Partner & Small Business Roundtable Executive Director John Standford took us through an incredibly insightful info session designed specifically to educate small businesses in our communities about how they can take advantage of the most beneficial resources within the legislation.

Check out the video above to learn everything small businesses need to know about the CARES Act.


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