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Evelyn Braxton Says Tamar's Marriage To Vince Herbert Was 'Volatile'  

More information is coming out about Tamar Braxton and Vince Herbert’s marriage in the weeks since their breakup was announced.

On Wednesday, The Grio spoke with Evelyn Braxton, Tamar’s mother, to delve into what went wrong in their marriage. “It was definitely a volatile relationship,” she told the publication. “This has been going on for years… Everybody saw Vince as a knight in shining armor, [but] behind closed doors that’s a horse of another color. I’m tired of [Tamar] being abused and misused.”

In October the “Love and War” singer filed for divorce from Herbert after a nine-year marriage. The couple welcomed a son, Logan, born in June 2013.

While the 40-year-old singer never spoke of abuse in her marriage, there was a domestic dispute that resulted in authorities being called to the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Atlanta in August 2016. Braxton denied the claim that Herbert bit her finger, despite a 911 call made by someone claiming he did in the hotel.

But her mother, Evelyn, now confirms that an altercation did happen. 

“Her sisters have been trying to fight Vince for a long time but it was always denied… If anything happens to Tamar, that’s Logan’s loss. That’s my loss. That’s her family’s loss. I don’t want that kind of pain.” 

“Enough is enough. I don’t care how much they smile. I don’t care how much they pretend.”