Girlfriend Confidential LA star Eva Marcille shows off her fantastic friendships weekly on the new Oxygen reality show. We love it when women highlight the other loves of their lives – their girls! – and prove that unlike many of today’s media portrayals, real sisterhoods do exist. 

Eva, who says she’s still super close to her childhood and college friends, insists that the key to doing “it all” is time management. “I balance friendship, fame, and business by putting equal effort into all of them,” she tells “I’ve never lost a friendship because of my success. I put a lot of time into my friendships; they are not disposable.”

After winning season 3 of American’s Next Top Model, Marcille has seen success as both an actress and model, considers her friends closer than kin. “Friendship means everything to me. Everything,” she says. “It’s the difference between being born into your family and choosing your family.”

Check out a few fun photos of Marcille and her closest gal pals from her personal collection. Catch Marcille’s new show Girlfriend Confidential LA Mondays at 11pm on Oxygen.