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Etta James Taken Off Respirator, Bill Cosby Writes Get Well Letter

After months of ups and downs, Etta James' health improves.
Etta James’ health has been on the decline throughout the month of December. Fortunately, her manger Lupe De Leon has some good news to report — she’s been taken off the respirator and is breathing on her own, according to the Huffington Post.

The news comes as a relief to many who’ve been keeping up with James’ ailing condition. Three days ago she was placed under sedation and on December 21st she was rushed to the hospitalized with difficulty breathing. James has been battling leukemia, dementia and kidney failure for several years now.

In this time of need, James’ friends are reaching out with their love and support — including Bill Cosby who wrote a special get well letter.

“Dear Etta James, I saw you emotionally move every human being while you performed at the Playboy Jazz Festival at the Hollywood Bowl to a setting sun,” he writes. “You gave us your recordings and your interpretations as well for the thousands, millions, even billions who did not get to see you perform in person. Get well. I hope to speak with you again as we both smile. God bless you. Bill Cosby.”

Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with the James family during this difficult time.