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Estelle On Her Favorite 'American Boys' and What She Really Wants In A Man

Singer Estelle reveals her celebrity crushes and what she's really looking for in a man.

Songstress Estelle is known for many things: Her Grammy-award winning vocals; her scene-stealing sense of style; her free spirited tweets and lovable personality. What we don’t always hear from her is who she’s dating or what she desires in the right man.

When the singer visited the ESSENCE.com offices for a day to guest edit the site, she really opened up with our staff. When we started gushing about our shared love for celebrity hunks like Idris Elba and Shemar Moore, Estelle, 32, was quick to join in on the fun. Elba, she says, is like her cousin, but she did have one major crush in mind.

“I love D’Angelo,” said the singer when the ESSENCE Music Festival headliner’s name came up. “I’m so happy he’s coming back.” She went on to share the first time she actually saw the sexy singer – who we’ve all missed dearly! – live in concert. “He takes off his clothing and he starts doing press ups on stage while singing, right over the speakers,” she recalled. “I was like… speechless. It was a moment! Just watching him perform was like voodoo. You’re in a trance.”

D’Angelo isn’t the only star that gets single lady Estelle’s temperatures rising. She named cuties Boris Kodjoe, Laz Alonso and Lance Gross, too.

“Lance Gross is a really nice guy,” she told us. “He has an amazing smile.”

Despite her appreciation for a gorgeous man, Estelle insists it takes much more than a pretty face to keep her attention.

“I’m a sucker for a smart dude,” she said. “Beauty is beauty. Pretty is pretty. Handsome is handsome. But, I like a dude with a brain. Like, I really do. I’m surrounded by pretty men, and along with that comes a sense of entitlement. Like, oh well, you should like me because I’m pretty. No. If I can’t talk to you, and you do stupid things and make stupid comments, I don’t care how pretty you are. It’s all in the head – it’s a whole thing. So, I get excited when I meet a smart dude.”

If you’re a musician, like her, sorry fellas, but you need not apply.

“I never really look at musicians,” she said. “I look at them like, oh I’m crazy and you’re probably crazy, too.”

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