ESSENCE Poll: Would You Prefer Your Child Attended An HBCU?
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Taraji P. Henson is insisting that her son transfer to a historically Black college/university to avoid racial profiling. The Empire wants to remove her 20-year-old son Marcel from the University of Southern California because he was reportedly profiled by campus police.

“So guess where he’s going? Howard University. I’m not paying $50K so I can’t sleep at night wondering is this the night my son is getting racially profiled on campus,” Henson told Uptown magazine.

Henson, who is a Howard alum herself, isn’t alone in her preferences. Many parents send their kids to HBCUs, especially if they’ve attended one themselves. HBCUs have a historic sense of community and family that makes the students feel more at home. 

Meanwhile, other parents opt to send their children to PWIs (predominantly white institutions) to expand their cultural understanding. Many of our favorite celebs such as Michael Ealy, Wendy Williams, and Uzo Aduba have found success after attending PWIs.

What would you do? Would you prefer that your child go to a historically Black college or a PWI? Take our poll and let us know which school type you prefer. And be sure to shout out your alma mater in the comments below.

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