ESSENCE Poll: Would You Get a Tattoo in the Name of Love?
Gary Gershoff/WireImage

Christina Milian hasn’t been vocal about her relationship with Lil Wayne but she made things pretty clear when she revealed her new tattoo.

The singer’s new ink reads, “Love Hard…TNT” and Millain was coy when asked what the meaning behind her new body art was. “You can make your special guesses…of what that means,” Milian said in an interview with E! News.

The guess work didn’t take long as the “TNT” reportedly stands for the pair’s nicknames, Tina and Tunchi.

On Thursday’s episode of ESSENCELive, our #SlayedorShade panel weighed in on ink in the name of love and if celebrating your relationship via tattoo is ever a great move.

So where do you stand? Would you ever be willing to get your love’s name (or initials) tattooed? Sound off below!

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