ESSENCE Poll: Would You Bring Your Children to a Protest?
Scott Olson/Getty Images

The streets of Ferguson have looked more like a war zone than a St. Louis suburb, over the past week with tear gas and rubber bullets flying, police in full combat gear with weapons raised—and little children taking it all in. 

A recent Mashable article took a look at the child protestors that stand alongside their parents in Ferguson. No matter the age of their child, most of the parents said “the kids of St. Louis need to see this.” 

And this isn’t just specific to the protests going on in St. Louis and surrounding Michael Brown’s death. For any cause, in any state, at any time, would you bring your children to a protest? Do you think it’s a necessary part of teaching them about acitivism and getting them involved in social issues? Do you think they shouldn’t be involved because protests are strictly grown folks business? Or do you think it depends on the situation, cause, time and location? Take our poll and let us know. 

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