ESSENCE Poll: Dare We Ask, Which Williams Sister Do You Think Will Advance in the U.S. Open Tonight?
Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

Sibling rivalry will reach new heights Tuesday as Serena and Venus Williams go head-to-head in a battle to advance to the next level in the U.S. Open.

According to USA Today, this will be the 27th time the Williams sisters will face each other in competition. Although the Tuesday evening match is not new territory, the stakes are definitely high.

Already a winner of the past four major tournaments, including last year’s U.S. Open, Serena is trying to become the first tennis player since Steffi Graf in 1988 to win all four in the same season.

But she’ll have to beat her big sister first.

“She’s fast; I’m fast. She hits hard; I hit hard. She serves big; I serve big,” Serena told ESPN. “We have a very similar game. We had the same coach for a long time. It’s like playing a mirror. I have to be really ready.”

A win for Venus would keep her on track for her first grand slam title since 2008 and a possible return to the U.S. Open final. “Pretty clear what’s up for grabs here,” said Venus. “I think people love to see history being made. No one is out to be a spoiler, but at the same time, you’re focused on winning your match.”

Both sisters have expressed their love for each other and noted that there is no one else they’d rather lose to, but it looks like both Serena and Venus are prepared to go full throttle on the court.

Who do you think will be victorious? Let us know!

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