Charles Ramsey is a hero. No doubt about it. The Cleveland dishwasher-turned-overnight star helped free three women—Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight—who had been held captive for over a decade. For his efforts Ramsey is being honored with a t-shirt line (all proceeds benefit the victims), television appearances and tons of autotune remixes (this one is our fave).

Ramsey joins a long line of colorful personalities who’s candid interviews with media made them overnight stars. There’s Sweet Brown (real name Kimberly Wilkins) who became an Internet darling last year after describing a fire at her apartment complex. Thanks to the Oklahoma resident, we have the ever delicious phrase, “Ain’t nobody got time for that.”

Antoine Dodson also became a star a few years ago after his memorable rant about an intruder at his sister’s house. From him we got Hide ya kids. Hide ya wife.”

Ted Williams became a star after a local newspaper filmed him panhandling on the streets of Columbus, Ohio. A former deejay, Williams used his “golden voice” to solicit money on the streets. The video quickly went viral and landed the recovering alcoholic spots on The Today Show.

So tell us: who, in your opinion, is the most memorable of all these personalities? Share your thoughts and comments with us below. [poll id=307121]

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