ESSENCE Poll: Do You Agree with Whoopi Goldberg’s Comments on Being American, not African-American?
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Whoopi Goldberg has opened up a fiery debate on race and identity over a year after her co-host Raven Symone denounced being an African-American.

On Tuesday’s episode of The View, Whoopi echoed Raven’s sentiments by saying that she too wasn’t African-American. Goldberg was initially responding to a discussion about immigration when co-host Joy Behar joked about people leaving America if Donald Trump is elected.

“You know what uh uh! This is my country,” she declared. “My mother, my grandmother, my great grand folks, we busted ass to be here,” she continued as the audience applauded. “I’m sorry. I’m an American. I’m not an African-American, I’m not a chick American, I’m an American.”

Does she have a point? Should Black Americans whose ancestors helped build this country be classified as just American? Or is it the African in African-American that makes you who you really are?

Lets discuss below.

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