ESSENCE Poll: Who Should Oprah’s Next Tell-All Interview Be With?
George Burns/Oprah Winfrey Network via Getty Images

Oprah’s latest shocking and tell-all interview with Lance Armstrong has everyone buzzing.

The Black Women in Hollywood honoree has been on fire lately, and it’s no coincidence that she persuaded one of the world’s most celebrated athletes to open up about the doping allegations that tarnished his name and reputation during all seven of his Tour de France wins.

Oprah’s done this before. She makes landing once-in-a-lifetime tell-all interviews with big-name celebrities look like child’s play. She famously had Rihanna crying on her couch and confessing she still loves Chris Brown. Weeks later, it was Usher’s turn, and he opened up about his failed marriage. And who can forget the epic TV event where she interviewed the Houston family just days after Whitney’s untimely passing.

Last year brought a bevy of controversies and terrible SMH moments—from Halle Berry’s love triangle to Kevin Clash’s alleged underaged sex scandal and Lauryn Hill’s tax troubles. And with 2013 just getting underway and Oprah being the one journalist celebrities and famous figures can’t seem to say no to, who should she interview next?

Take our poll or add your own suggestion in the comments below.

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