ESSENCE Poll: Who Had the Most Embarrassing Concert Mishap?
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If you think celebrities are perfect, guess again!

It seems anything can go wrong when you’re dancing in five-inch heels, trying to remember complicated choreography or jumping around on stage—just ask Miguel.

Last night, the superstar accidentally crash-landed on two fans during his performance of “Adorn” at the 2013 Billboard Music Awards.

While jumping from one platform to another, Miguel fell short, landing on top of one woman’s head while kicking the other in the arm. Immediately following the incident, the singer met up with one of the injured women backstage. He told Billboard, “I think it’s kind of clear what happened. But I’m very happy to bring my new friend, Khyati; we just met. Unfortunately we did not meet under the best circumstances, but I think we’re okay.”

Miguel isn’t the only star in recent memory who suffered a snafu on stage. A very pregnant Alicia Keys once fell backwards at the 2011 ESSENCE Festival before a packed Superdome. In 2010, Janelle Monae famously split her pants during a high-energy performance at BET’s Rip the Runway, and in 2007, Beyoncé took a nasty spill down a set of stairs while performing “Ring the Alarm.”

Who had the most embarrassing concert mishap? Vote below or share your choice in the comments.

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