ESSENCE Poll: Who Do You Look To For Mentorship?
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A pre-teen mentor is not what comes to mind when one thinks of advising, but 10-year-old Olivia Allen is single handedly changing the conversation surrounding mentorship.

After the Coleridge Taylor Montessori 5th grader learned about the physical, social and emotional changes girls face when entering puberty, Allen understood the importance of confidence and wanted to instill that gem into her fellow peers. For the next few months, the young starlet spent time preparing for what has become the ‘I Can Be‘ Girls Confidence Conference, in which she’s secured several speakers including Ashley D. Miller and Dr. Matisa Wilbon. The conference, which is geared towards girls ages 8-12, is sponsored by and held at the Simmons College of Kentucky. 

This is not the first time that Allen has extended support to her community. In March, she collected over 100 toys for Kosair Charities and in April, over 500 food items for Dare to Care Food Bank. Her total service hours earned her the Presidential Volunteer Service Award.  Definitely one to admire, if there is anyone to become a peer mentor for other 10-year-old girls, then Allen is an absolute perfect fit.

Who do you look to for mentorship? Is it someone that you admire from afar, or are you more comfortable with a close friend? Sound off below.

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