Twenty-nine years ago, this week, The Cosby Show debuted on NBC and we embraced the positive Black family on our TV screens.

Few knew that this upper-middle class family in Brooklyn, New York would have such a lasting affect on families across America for years to come. Like many TV families before and after their time, the Cosbys left us feeling uplifted, smarter and closer to our own cherished loved ones. If it wasn’t for the life lessons Cliff and Claire taught their children (and anyone else who stepped foot into their home) many of us wouldn’t be the same today.

The Huxtables impacted America in many ways—including pushing the conversation about race and class forward. After eight wonderful seasons, a number of ups and downs and several family milestones later, The Cosby Show went off the air in 1992. And, although new episodes with The Cosbys no longer air, many of us still think of them as part of our own families.

As we salute The Cosby Show today, you know we have to ask: Which TV family did you most want to join? Was it the Winslows? The Evans or The Drummonds? Take our poll below and explain your thoughts below.

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