ESSENCE Poll: Which of These ‘Imperfections’ Do You Embrace?
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We’ve heard it for years, but it still needs to be said. Nobody is perfect, and it’s about time that we start listening.

Contrary to popular belief, models have stretch marks (just ask model Chrissy Teigen, who posted a pic on Instagram proudly displaying her thigh “tiger stripes”). Contrary to popular belief, not every person looks like a Victoria’s Secret Angel (thanks, Lane Bryant, for that reminder!). Contrary to popular belief, people—horror of all horror—sometimes jiggle when we work out. 

And that’s perfectly ok.

Sure, you may not always love your scars or wrinkles, but it’s time that we start embracing those “flaws” and turning them into our triumphs. Tell us, ladies, which of these “imperfections” are you lovin’? Take our poll, and tell us how you learned to flaunt yourself for everything you’re worth.

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