ESSENCE Poll: Which ‘Single Woman’ Dating Advice Are You Most Tired of Hearing?
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A week can’t go by in the news without at least one headline targeting single women and their “plight.” Single Black women are the least desirable. Men have their pick and women don’t. Single women in metro areas will never find love. And the list goes on.

We get it; being single isn’t easy. But hearing the same “dating advice” for single gals over and over (and over!) again is arguably a lot harder to bear than showing up solo to grandma’s house on Thanksgiving morning. Are we right? We hear you single ladies—out with the same old words of wisdom and in with tips you can use. In the meantime, we rounded up some of the most commonly covered single woman dating advice and we want to know which phrase you’d most like to retire.

Take our poll and in the comments section below tell us the best dating advice you’ve ever been given.

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