ESSENCE Poll: Which Part Of Your Wedding Would You Splurge On?
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Happy Wedding Wednesday!

This week, popular retailer H&M made headlines when they announced plans to begin selling a $99 wedding gown; the most affordable bridal gown they’ve ever offered before.

The Grecian-inspired, floor-length gown is gorgeous, but the reaction from brides-to-be has been a little more divided. While some support the idea of having a fabulous dress for less, others feel that the wedding dress is something all brides should splurge on, so finding a low-cost alternative might be more like “settling.”

Big wedding celebrations aren’t for everyone; we get it. (No judgments here.) But for those of you who have always dreamed of making a big deal out of your big day, which elements of your wedding do you plan to splurge the most on? The honeymoon? The dress? Everything? Take our fun poll and tell us your thoughts on wedding costs below.

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