Think back to a time when you were so desperate to get your hair ‘did’ and your hairstylist was nowhere to be found. What did you do? Go to whoever was available and risk not getting what you’re used to, or did you just stick it out until your trusted one returned? If you’re like 90 percent of Black women (Editor’s note: I totally made up that stat), chances are you stuck it out because, God forbid, you go to a new stylist and leave an unhappy camper.

And who can blame you? Finding the right beauty professional can be as hard as finding the right pair of shoes, or dare we say it, the right mate. It’s a delicate relationship that requires a lot of trust and communication. Your beauty professional knows exactly what you want and need. Through the years you grow to know all their business, as they do yours. In some cases, they even become a part of your family. One ESSENCE staffer’s mother’s manicurist even attends their family barbecues—that’s how long they’ve known her.

So tell us: which beauty professional in your life will you never stray away from? Share you thoughts and comments with us below.

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