ESSENCE Poll: When Does Flirting Go Too Far?

When does flirting cross the line? If you’re one of the Real Housewives of Atlanta, flirting is 150 percent off-limits when it comes to your friends’ husband.

On last night’s part two of The Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion, the housewives accused Kenya Moore of flirting with Phaedra’s hubby, Apollo, which evolved into Moore calling out NeNe Leakes for flirting with Cynthia Bailey’s boo, Peter Thomas.

“Girl, I have never flirted with Peter,” Leakes retorted. “Don’t go there!”

The women’s tiff got us wondering when flirting goes too far. Is it okay to flirt with a coworker, but are married friends completely off limits? Are you allowed to eye a man in church? Would you ever dream of flirting your way out of a speeding ticket? 

Tell us where you draw the line, and leave us a comment spilling your most shameless flirting moment.

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