ESSENCE Poll: What’s Your Most Trusted News Source?

Chances are you’ve spent the past five days dutifully following any coverage of the Boston Marathon bombings. You’ve watched your favorite cable news channel, listened to your favorite radio talk show host, or even just kept up with all developments via social media.

With so many mediums to choose from nowadays—the Internet and social media—there’s been an expected shift in our news consumption. According to media research (including studies conducted by the Pew Research Center), only 59 percent of Americans now get their news from TV (down from 68 percent in 1991), 28 percent from newspapers and 27 percent from social media. Radio clocks in at 18 percent.

There are obvious differences in how we consume news, depending on our ages. For example, 29 percent of people under 25 reported getting “no news at all” according the Pew study. Sucks for them. For the rest of us who are curious about the world around us, the choices are limitless. But which ones do you trust the most? Share your thoughts and comments with us below. [poll id=298516]

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