ESSENCE Poll: What’s Your Marriage Deal Breaker?

Last night’s Scandal gave us a deeper look into the show’s dysfunctional First Family and ended with a major showdown between Fitz and Mellie.

During their argument, Fitz revealed that Mellie refused to have sex with him for over 10 years after their oldest son was born. Mellie told him she was “dead inside” and had lost all sexual urges after the birth. Fitz told her that he would have never cheated on her if she hadn’t turned him away for so long and that she is the one who really ruined their marriage.

While we’ve known that Mellie and Fitz weren’t exactly having the greatest sex life (especially after that incident between Mellie and Fitz Sr.) we had no idea Mellie withheld all sexual activities for more than a decade. No sex for one year in a marriage is bad enough, 10 definitely qualifies as a dealbreaker for a lot of people. What would make you walk away from your marriage?

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