When face-to-face with a tense situation, what do you do?

A recent altercation over an umbrella in New York City turned deadly when a fight erupted between two couples leaving a man dead and a woman in critical condition.

An eyewitness who said “there was blood everywhere” managed to obtain a video of the incident that shows Jesus Santiago, 46, stabbing Nancy Estevez, 46, three times in the back with a curved knife. Santiago also stabbed Nancy Estevez’s boyfriend, killing him.

It has become common to video tape an incident as it unfolds. Some want recorded accounts of what has happened while for others it’s simply second nature.

A Canadian teen had quite the opposite outcome when he intervened in an argument between a couple. Malyk Bonnet, 17, was able to stay with the couple, gain the boyfriend’s trust, call the police and ultimately save the woman’s life as it turns out she had been kidnapped.

So, what’s your first thought when faced with a hostile situation? Do you feel that it is your responsibility to intervene, do you remove yourself from the chaos or do you capture it all on your phone? Sound off.

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