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ESSENCE Poll: What's Your Favorite Part of ESSENCE Fest?

Is it the unforgettable performances, the empowerment panels, the delicious food? What is it about ESSENCE Fest that keeps you coming back?
ESSENCE Poll: What’s Your Favorite Part of ESSENCE Fest?
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ESSENCE Fest is upon us and there’s so much to get excited about.

Stellar performances, empowering seminars and New Orleans food that never disapoints are just a few things that keep ESSENCE Fest lovers coming back year after year. Not to mention the connections and comradery that take place with people from all over the world. Some have even found love here, (wink, wink).

With so many different aspects that make ESSENCE Fest special, it can be hard to choose between the good music, good food and good people. Luckily, you don’t have to.

Don’t miss out on the action! There’s still time to get your tickets. Purchase them here.

So, to our ESSENCE Fest lovers out there, what is it about this festival that keeps you coming back? Let us know below.

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