ESSENCE Poll: What’s Your Favorite Old-School Music Video Show?
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Sean “Diddy” Combs launched his Revolt channel this week, making it one of the largest launches in cable TV history. 

Combs said he identified a “white space” in the cable market when channels such as MTV and VH1 began to focus more on reality shows than music. He aspires to make Revolt the ESPN of music with well-curated video playlists and a strong focus on industry news. 

“I want to know, who is Taylor Swift?” Combs said. “Why is Miley Cyrus twerking? Why did Jay-Z and Justin Timberlake go on tour? Why did Kanye West call his daughter ‘North’? The industry of music is just as important, or more important, as the industry of sports. Sports are covered in a serious manner and we want to follow in those footsteps.”

The launch of Revolt TV this week got us reminiscing about our favorite old-school music video shows. Back when the focus of MTV, BET, and VH1 were all about music and we could run home to watch our favorite videos on BET’s Video Soul (remember Donnie Simpson?) or catch our favorite rappers performing on Yo MTV Raps! What was your favorite music video show?

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