ESSENCE Poll: What’s the Worst Friend Offense?

Drama alert!

Last night on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, outspoken diva NeNe Leakes brought her cast mate Porsha Stewart to tears after a heated confrontation. Leakes was upset to learn that Stewart had moved into a big house in her neighborhood just a block away and not reached out to share the news via phone call or text.

“You don’t text. You don’t call,” Leakes blasted. “You’re a bad friend, Porsha.” Leakes then watched as Stewart ran out in tears. Apparently two weeks had gone by since the two had spoken and Leakes felt she was always there for Stewart, who is going through a rough divorce from former show star Kordell Stewart, but that Stewart hadn’t returned the favor. Stewart insisted she was just trying to surprise Leakes, but that did nothing to ease the tension.

Although the ladies patched things up before the episode came to close, we couldn’t help but wonder which friend mistakes you find the most hurtful.

Which behaviors annoy you most? Take the poll and tell us below.

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