There’s a time and a place for everything, including Twitter.

Pilar Sanders, ex-wife of former NFL star Deion Sanders, apparently thinks that the perfect time to Tweet is when her former husband is calling the cops on her. According to The Root, Deion Sanders called the police when Pilar Sanders attempted to pick up her children for visitation. Pilar took to Twitter to put the family’s custody dispute on blast.

Sanders has reportedly used Twitter and social media to air their dirty laundry for years, including tweeting allegations of domestic violence. Deion Sanders is also guilty of oversharing personal information on Twitter. In April 2012, he live-tweeted an alleged assault from Pilar and posted pics of him and his sons filing police reports. Those tweets have since been deleted.

While we can think of plenty of times when you should leave the smartphone and iPad at home, we want to know what you think is the most inappropriate place to use social media. Take our poll and sound off in the comments about the rudest uses of social media.

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