ESSENCE Poll: What Would Make America a Better Place for Moms?

Save the Children recently released its 14th annual State of the World’s Mother’s report ranking the well-being of mothers in 176 countries based on factors like maternal health (the risk of maternal mortality), education, economic status and children’s well-being to determine the best and worst places to be a mom.

This year, the U.S. ranks as the 30th best place to be a mom, five spots down from our previous position in 25th place. The best place to be a mom is Finland, followed by Sweden, Norway, Iceland and the Netherlands.

The report records both the likelihood of death in pregnancy and labor and the difficulties women face as mothers. Each year, nearly three million babies die within their first month of life—more than a third die on their day of birth—and 287,000 women die from pregnancy or childbirth, according to the report.

The U.S ranks just above Japan and South Korea overall, and below Belarus, Canada, Israel and Poland.

Motherhood is not easy task—this, we know. Considering these staggering statistics, what would make your life as mom better? Share your thoughts and comments with us below. [poll id=309121]

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