ESSENCE Poll: What Topics Are Off-Limits At Work?
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A few executives at Sony are learning the hard way that some discussions are off-limits via email.

After a major hack attack at Sony Pictures, email conversations between producer Scott Rudin and co-chairman Amy Pascal were made public. In the emails, the two were seen making racially insensitive jokes about President Barack Obama.

“Should I ask him if he likes DJANGO?” Pascal wrote.

“12 YEARS,” Rudin replied before adding a slew of other films starring Black actors to his list.

Pascal had other email conversations where she made disrespectful comments about Kevin Hart, Angelina Jolie, and other major stars they’ve worked with.

“I’m not saying [Hart’s] a whore, but he’s a whore,” she wrote after Hart asked for addition payment to promote his film on social media.

They’ve since apologized for their comments, with Rudin saying that his remarks were “only meant to be funny” and Pascal insisting that her private communication “is not an accurate reflection of who I am.”

Office gossip is a natural, everyday occurence but sometimes our private conversations are not always appropriate for email. Which topic is absolutely off-limits for you?

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