ESSENCE Poll: What Should Phaedra Do Next?
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To say Phaedra Parks is going through some changes would be an understatement. The Real Housewives of Atlanta star is adjusting to life as a single mother after her man, Apollo Nida, was sentenced to eight years in prison for fraud.

Lucky for our nosey selves, Parks dished on her relationship with Nida during last night’s RHOA reunion (part one of three!).

She admitted that—gasp!—contrary to previous reports, she never divorced her hubby after he was sentenced, and she’s still debating whether or not she wants to take her young kids to visit him in prison.

“I need time to make the appropriate decisions for my life and children,” she said. We hear that, girl!

What do you think should be Phaedra’s next steps? Should she stand by her boo through thick and thin, or do you think she should pull the plug on their relationship? Does she stay by his side for the kids’ sake, or should she continue to support him platonically? Take our poll and leave us a comment telling us what you would do in her difficult situation.

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