ESSENCE Poll: What More Would You Like to See President Obama Doing for Ferguson?

The tragedy, and uproar, coming out of Ferguson, Missouri has gained national attention in the past week. From National moments of silence to the attention of celebrities and activitsts, alike, the overarching opinion is that something needs to change. 

President Obama and his admninistration have been working to get things done surrounding the fatal shooting of unarmed teenager Michael Brown—though some say it’s not enough. Obama first addressed the uproar with a statement on Tuesday, coinciding with the Justice Department saying it would lead a broad review of police tactics, including the deadly force in Ferguson. In a speech on Thursday, Obama spoke out against the way police were dealing with protestors, and journalists, and called for “healing” and extended his heart to Brown’s family. On Sunday, Attorney General Eric Holder, Jr. announced that a federal medical examiner would conduct an independent autopsy at the request of Brown’s family.

Critics say the Obama administration’s response has been too tepid. “This is actually worse than Trayvon Martin, you have standoffs in the streets. He has met it with his dispassionate speaking. That is not useful,” Anthea Butler, associate professor of religious studies and Africana studies at The University of Pennsylvania told NBC News. Do you think President Obama should be doing more? Should he travel to Ferguson? Take our poll and share your thoughts below. 

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