ESSENCE Poll: What Do You Do When You Think a Friend Has Made a Questionable Dating Decision?
JGI/Jamie Grill

Do we spy a new celeb couple? According to multiple gossip websites, Rihanna and Leonard Dicaprio could be the new “It” couple of 2015. We know; we’re just as surprised as you are.

The two A-listers haven’t confirmed their coupledom, but just last week, Leo threw Rihanna a super-swanky 27th birthday party.

However, Leo’s notorious playboy (and modelizer) ways have raised some red flags among RiRi’s friends. An anonymous source close to Rihanna opened up to Hollywood Life about her concerns.

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“I think Rihanna would like to be more than just friends with Leo, but he’s just not ready to commit to someone like that for two reasons: One, he’s having too much fun dating hot models whenever he wants, and two, Rihanna is too high-profile,” the source said to the gossip website. “Leo is a player and is hooking up with a new model pretty much every week.”

We can’t confirm the pair’s relationships (though we wish we could!), but the friend’s comments have us wondering what you say to a friend who has started dating someone who you think is questionable. Take our poll, and leave us a comment telling us how you breach the subject with them.

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