ESSENCE Poll: What Do You Do to Limit Your Carbon Footprint?
Spencer Platt/Getty Images

The Obama administration is set to unveil a major climate change proposal they’re calling the “Clean Power Plan.”

According to CNN, the plan is aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions from the nation’s coal-burning power plants. President Obama will begin selling the proposal to the public at a White House event Monday. The plan is the final version of regulations by the Environmental Protection Agency under the Clean Air Act.

President Obama called the initiative, “the biggest most important step we’ve ever taken to combat climate change,” in a video released by the White House Saturday night.

Under the plan, states will be required to meet specific carbon emission reduction standards based on their specific energy consumption.

“Power plants are the single biggest source of harmful carbon pollution that contributes to climate change,” Obama said in the video. “Until now, there have been no federal limits to the amount of carbon pollution plants dump in the air.”

A senior administration official says “there are few issues more important to the President,” even though the plan has been met with opposition by Republican candidates.

How important is it for you to take preventative measures regarding global warming? Are you all in when it comes to being green or are your interests elsewhere? Let us know below.

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