ESSENCE Poll: What Do You Avoid Talking About on Social Media?
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You wouldn’t be faulted for thinking people turn to sites like Facebook and Twitter to talk about everything—a promotion at work, their lunch, a breakup, even a death in the family.

But according to a new study done by the Pew Research Center, there are some topics that people consider off-limits when it comes to social sharing. The study found people are less likely to post about political and controversial topics on sites like Facebook and Twitter.

“People who thought their social media friends disagreed with them were less likely to discuss the issues in face-to-face gatherings, as well as online forums,” stated the study. For example, when asked about the Edward Snowden situation, out of the 1,801 people that took the poll, only 42 percent said they would post about it on social media sites. That leaves a whopping 86 percent that would rather talk in person about such topics, than post about them online.

So where does this leave you? What do you avoid talking about on social media? Whether it’s politics, religion or sex, take our poll and let us know.

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