ESSENCE Poll: What Determines Whether Or Not You Donate To a Crowd Fund?
Prince Williams/ Getty

Model and actress Amber Rose is starring in a new independent film, Cameron & Eddie Lose The Belt, but she needs a little help to make it to the big screen.

Rose is asking her fans to donate money to help complete the film through a crowd funding site, Indiegogo. She’s asking for $1.5 million but as of today, they’ve only raise just over $2,000 with a little over a month left to get the rest.

Several other creatives have sought donations to help fund their various endeavors. Some were successful, like the Kickstarter campaign created to fund the Veronica Mars movie that made over $5.7 million. Others, like Shemar Moore’s attempt to raise $1.5 million to produce a film, were not so successful. And there were some that were just plain silly, like the GoFundMe account that raised over $55,000 to help a guy learn to make potato salad (really?).

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We want to know if you’d ever donate to a crowd funding site and why. Take our poll and let us know in the comments how you choose to donate your money.

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