ESSENCE Poll: What Body Part is Off-Limits When Getting a Tattoo?
Instagram/Keyshia Cole

Instagram came for Keyshia Cole over the weekend.

The singer posted a pic showing off her new tattoo of a rose. The catch? It was along her bikini line.

“BIKINI LINE TATT ON FLEEKK,” she captioned a pic of her standing in a body suit, legs apart, tattoo ablazin’.

And her commenters showed up.

“Looks like you need to shave,” one said. Another followed: “I thought it was hair.” Others decided to focus on how painful the tat must have been (um, we would have to agree!). 

To each her own, but do you have any no-fly zones when it comes to getting a tattoo? Are lower-back tattoos out of the question? Do you draw the line with a breast tat? Take our poll and leave us a comment telling us where you think the best place is to get a tattoo.

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