ESSENCE Poll: Was ‘Love Thy Neighbor’ a Winner?
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Last night, the second of two new shows Tyler Perry created for OWN, Love Thy Neighbor, debuted.

The comedy follows Patrice Lovely, who plays Hattie Mae — a loving but straight-forward woman — and her working class family as they experience the ups and downs of life. The flavor is very much like Perry’s other comedies, House of Payne and Meet the Browns, and offers a similar dose of reality when needed.

The characters often meet up at the Love Train Diner to discuss a number of topics and help out Hattie Mae. As the storyline continues, we soon learn that Hattie Mae’s family has just as much drama and chaos as most families. Her daughter, Linda (Kendra C. Johnson), has trouble with her on-again, off-again husband and splits her time between the home she shares with her hubby and Hattie Mae’s home. Danny (Andre Hall), Linda’s son, just can’t seem to get his act together. And Floyd (Palmer Williams Jr.), Hattie Mae’s brother-in-law, proves to be a pain in family’s rear-end.

The series premiered one day after The Have and the Have Nots scored major ratings records for OWN. Although Love Thy Neighbor serves up a different flavor than the former, was it enough to make it a winner? Did the show deliver hearty laughs?

Take our poll and share your thoughts in the comments.

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