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ESSENCE Poll: Under What Circumstances Would You Pay on a First Date?

Maybe he's tight on cash, or it's your personal rule to always go dutch, or you're just heading out for coffee and it's no big deal. Under what circumstance would you pay on a date?

The dating world is definitely hard to master.

The journey to a stable, happy relationship is riddled with questions.

When should I call? What the heck does that emoji mean? Do I even like him? Are we exclusive yet?

One of the hottest topics when it comes to dating is, who should pay the bill?

There are certain circumstances where women feel it’s okay to reach down in their purses while on a date. Maybe it’s just a casual outing and you’ve decided to go dutch. Or maybe you know he’s a good guy who’s in a tough spot financially and you are willing to help out.

On the other side however, there are women who would never even consider taking care of the bill.

So, under what circumstances would you pay while on a first date? Is there any circumstance at all? Let us know!

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