ESSENCE Poll: Should Rihanna and Chris Brown Keep Their Relationship Private?
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For months, the media has followed Rihanna and Chris Brown’s every move as they slowly piece their estranged relationship back together. Their bond was destroyed overnight by a 2009 domestic violence incident that made national headlines. Everyone received the first indication things were heading down a new path when the duo included each other on their music earlier this year. This summer, a teary-eyed Rihanna appeared on Oprah’s Next Chapter and declared Brown as the “love” of her life and said she lost her “best friend.” That heavily-talked-about moment was followed up by a brief kiss and hug at the MTV Video Music Awards in September. After that, the two have been spotted together all over the globe—trying not to be photographed together.

The latest update in their friendship/dating saga had folks buzzing on Twitter over the weekend. Rihanna Instagrammed a shot of a shirtless Brown lying face down on her bed sleeping. The two reportedly spent Thanksgiving together in Germany.

That single photo has us thinking—would it be best if they just kept their relationship, be it romantic or not, to themselves? Is it any one’s business what they’re doing? Is it TMI? As much as they seem to hate the negative press surrounding their union, wouldn’t it be smart to keep everything on the low? But is that fair to them? Many fans feel they should be allowed to do what they want like any normal couple. Does their star power totally dismiss their right to privacy?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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