ESSENCE Poll: Should the Natural Hair Movement Only Be for Black Women?
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For years, has been a forum for natural-haired girls to share/discuss everything from hair tips to personal natural hair journeys. 

Yesterday, however, when a young white woman by the name of Sarah (or waterlily716 as she’s known in the vlogger/YouTube world) shared her natural hair journey, she was not met with the community’s usual sisterly vibes. The comments section filled with over 450 comments debating the inclusion of other races in what has become known as “the natural hair movement.”

“Black women cant have [anything]; we can’t have our own spaces and when we want to have our own spaces and seek to protect our own spaces we’re called ‘hateful.’ The natural hair movement is about BLACK WOMEN period,” wrote one commenter.

“I’m usually pretty open, but even I will admit, that having a caucasian woman featured as a naturally glam “hair idol” on a blog with a base viewership of Black women does sting a bit. Especially given the original purpose of the site,” said another.

While most echoed the sentiments that the natural hair movement is about and for Black women, a few were open to the idea of inclusion.

“The struggle for one’s own hair self-acceptance is not exclusive to blacks. For me, whatever your race, adopting a natural lifestyle should be applauded,” said one commenter. 

While it’s true that natural hair is universal by definition, we wonder how you all feel about the “movement” including all races. Is the natural hair movement just for Black women?

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