ESSENCE Poll: Is Missouri Gov. Wrong to Declare a State of Emergency?
Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Yesterday, Missouri Governor Jay Nixon declared a state of emergency ahead of a grand jury decision as to whether or not to indict Officer Daren Wilson for shooting and killing Michael Brown, an unarmed Black teenager. The grand jury is expected to make a decision any day now. 

“Regardless of the outcomes of the federal and state criminal investigations, there is the possibility of expanded unrest,” Nixon said in the executive order. “The state of Missouri will be prepared to appropriately respond to any reaction to these announcements.”

Is the governor wrong for assuming the worst of his people? Protests in Ferguson have been ongoing since the shooting death of Brown over 100 days ago and the majority of protests have been peaceful demonstrations. 

Still, the FBI is concerned that “extremist protestors” pose a serious threat to the citizens and the police force of Ferguson. 

“The announcement of the grand jury’s decision … will likely be exploited by some individuals to justify threats and attacks against law enforcement and critical infrastructure,” the FBI said, according to ABC News. “This also poses a threat to those civilians engaged in lawful or otherwise constitutionally protected activities.”

What do you think? Is the governor right to take this precautionary measure, or is there nothing to be cautious about? Take our poll and sound off in the comments about how you think the situation in Ferguson will play out.

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