ESSENCE Poll: Is It Ok To Love Your Career As Much As Your Family?

One of the strongest moments on last night’s Being Mary Jane was Kara’s break down about balancing motherhood and her career. 

For those who don’t watch the show, Kara is a lead producer for a major news network and mother of two who is divorced from her husband. Her journalism career often calls for late hours in the newsroom, leaving her children feeling unfulfilled at home. 

Kara’s struggle to balance the two came to a head last night when her ex-husband organized a family meeting between she and their sons during which, they confronted her about her lack of time for them. Later at work Kara admits to feeling torn saying, “I want to see my kids but I still nightly news. And I don’t want to wear a scarlet letter for it.” 

Kara’s struggle is one that we feel a lot of career-driven moms can relate too. It’s not always easy to prioritze your day when you have a demanding career, a demanding family, and love both. Especially when, as Kara said, society makes women feel guilty for it. 

What do you think? Is it ok to love your career as much as your family?

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