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ESSENCE Poll: Is It a Deal Breaker If Mr. Right Doesn’t Want Kids?

Last night on The Game, Chardonnay threatened to leave her husband if he didn't want more kids. Can you relate?

Last night on BET’s The Game, Brandy’s character, Chardonnay, found herself in quite an awkward  “situation” at home. After assuming her new husband Jason (Coby Bell) wanted kids one day, she quickly found out that wasn’t the case. After already fathering one child with questionable values, and with whom he has a somewhat estranged relationship, Jason admitted that starting all over again with Chardonnay wasn’t in his plans. So much so, in fact, that he even lied to her about having a vasectomy just to get her to move on to another subject. Although Chardonnay saw through his attitude (and dishonesty) and recognized his true concerns with parenthood the second time around, she was still not having it. Telling Jason that kids would be a priority for her one-day, she gave him an ultimatum – get on board or she’s gone. After close consideration and a little soul-searching, Jason realized that he feared losing the love of his life way more than becoming a dad again.

Onscreen, they kissed and made up, but in real life, when issues like this one come up in a relationship, so often it truly does become a deal breaker. A lot of men and women who already have children are happy to blend families, but often reluctant to have more kids. What would you do if your dream guy already had children, and you didn’t, and he told you he refused to have any more? Is it a deal breaker? Tell us your thoughts below!

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