ESSENCE Poll: How Would You Have Handled Kenya Moore’s Insults?

Last night we witnessed the Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion fight that’s had the internet buzzing since the taping a couple of weeks ago.

Per usual, insults and accusations were thrown as the ladies discussed the events that took place throughout the show’s season with host Andy Cohen.

However, tensions reached new heights when Kenya Moore brought out props like a scepter (really?) and later a megaphone to point in Porsha’s face and literally amplify the harsh shade she was casting her way. The usually no-holds-barred co-star held nothing back, attacking everything from Porsha’s intelligence to her fidelity while married to ex-husband Kordell Stewart. At one point Kenya even told Porsha, “Your vagina is so rotten no one will claim you.”

It was clear Porsha had reached her limit when she stood up to confront Kenya, resulting in her pulling Kenya’s hair and dragging her on the floor before security pulled them apart.

Kenya immediately walked off stage demanding that Porsha be fired for getting violent. 

Porsha remained on the floor with her hands embarrassed and disappointed that she allowed Kenya to take her to that point crying, “I can’t believe I did that.”

Nene Leakes, Pheadra Parks, and Kandi Burrus rushed to Porsha’s side and surrounded her—in a surprisingly tender sister-girl moment—and tried to calm their costar down with reminders that they’ve all had embarrassing moments of anger on the show but cannot allow themselves to react like that anymore. They also advised Porsha to just apologize to Kenya and it would be all right.

Things however, did not turn out to be that easy for Porsha. Kenya still pressed charges on her co-star following the reunion and Bravo asked her to leave the reunion taping following the scuffle. It has not been said yet whether Porsha’s actions will get her removed from the show for good.

We want to know how you would have handled the situation if you were in Porsha’s shoes. Do you think you’d be able to stay calm, leave or continue to argue it out instead of resorting to violence? Or would some one attacking your intelligence, husband, character, etc. cause you to react the same way Porsha did? Let us know why below!

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