ESSENCE Poll: How Strict Were Your Parents About Friends of the Opposite Sex?
Chelsea Lauren/Getty Images

Willow Smith, 13-year-old daughter of Will and Jada Pinkett Smith, is no stranger to controversy.

Yesterday, photos of Smith lying in bed with actor Moises Arias surfaced on the internet. In the photo, Arias, a friend of Smith and her brother Jaden, was shirtless. Some deemed the photo inappropriate, while others said it was harmless.

As expected, many wondered about Will and Jada’s position on the matter. Although there is no room to dictate how other’s parent their children, all of the fuss got us thinking… What was your parent’s policy about hanging out with friends of the opposite sex? Did you have to keep your door open? Was it not even up for discussion? Has it influenced how you raise your children?

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