ESSENCE Poll: How Much Do You Tell Your Friends About Your Relationships?
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Last night on Blood, Sweat, and Heels, Mica’s mother found out that Mica’s boyfriend Terry was still in another relationship when he started dating her daughter. After talking about it, Mica’s mother admitted that she’s glad she wasn’t told from the beginning because she wouldn’t have given him a chance or grown to like him the way she does.

Mica is not the first woman to keep the messy details of her relationship from family and/or friends. Some women only share the good because they want their friends to like the guy and/or don’t think it’s their business. Other women have no problem venting about the bad here and there, because that’s what friends are for. Then there are women whose relationships are open books, right down to the affair she found out her husband had with his co-worker. How much do you tell your friends about your relationships?

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