ESSENCE Poll: How Many Nights a Week Do You Cook?
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Between the commute home, after-school activities, helping with homework and maybe even squeezing in some gym time, making a home-cooked meal doesn’t always fit into our busy schedules. And when we do try to make something from scratch, it may be 8 o’clock before anything is even on the table.

A recent study done by a researcher at North Caroline State University found that in low-and middle-income families, churning out a home-cooked meal is “often stressful, tiring, expensive, and sometimes even impossible, particularly for families with conflicting schedules and long work days.” And those families aren’t the only ones affected. Other families turn to take out and pre-made meals that only require a little reheating, in order to feed their family. 

So we want to know: How many nights a week do you cook? Do you have a rotation with your significant other? Do you just cook when you can and leave it at that? Do you make it a priority to make something from scratch, every night? Or do you never cook for the sake of time (and your sanity)? Take our poll and let us know. 

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